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Chapter One: The Boy and the Sorcerer
Ingens-Urbis was a large city located on the southern edge of the Viridis Plains and the northern edge of the Laxitas Forest. It was the capital of the Regius Empire, which spanned from Velow River at the top of the Viridis Plains, to the Frigus Mountains which lay to the south of the Laxitas forest. East to west it ran coast to coast. The Empire was bordered by Lyset to the north and Gammelt to the south.
Ingens-Urbis was considered by many to be the centre of civilization and a wealth of knowledge lay there, with various library’s and colleges in both science and magic. The city was divided into four pagus or districts. Industria or Industry to the South-West, Nundinae or Trade to the South East, Agnitio or Art and science to the north, and Optimus or Aristocrat in the centre. The wealth of each pagus inhabitants going up in that order with Industria being the poorest, while Optimus being the wealthiest hence holding the Imperial Palace.
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And yet more old stuff
Those we Heal, make us Bleed with Self Sacrifice
Those we Hear, make us Deaf to the Truth
Those we Teach, make us Forget Reality
Those we Love, make us Hate Ourselves
Those we Hate, make us Happy to Hate someone else
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More old stuff
A nameless boy was born
In a nameless town,
To nameless parents
He had a dream
To seek his hearts one desire
And he traveled the world seeking
For 10,0000 days and 10,000 nights he traveled
and eventually he found the thing he seeked
and he died on that spot, happy
Alas life is not this simple
Our dreams and desires fall
Like leaves on tree's
Yet like trees again they shall grow
And sometimes winters will be colder
And sometimes summers will be hotter
And our branches laid bare
As our dreams whither and die
Yet they shall return, green again
Untill the day we die, rest forever
But isn't that the meaning of life
A series of circles till the end
For what are the ups without the downs?
:iconthalion89:Thalion89 0 0
Kinda angry random poem
Up, down, round and round the merry ground, stake the late, smite the white, flack the black, and burn those in between.
All shall die, none shall cry. Smile harken upon the horizon, Frown follow the moon, join this happy party of death, despair and doom.
Smile as the world falls down, smile as you hit the ground, and realize that through your survival you are doomed. Rip it out and throw it away, because the feelings it creates are transparent anyway.
Become the mindless drone whom you where born to be, and believe in emotion no more.
:iconthalion89:Thalion89 0 0
Happiness in Life
A frail, pale girl stood in the trees
The wind blowing through her knees
Moonlight shining in her hair black
Behold her demons at her back
A robed spectre looked upon her face
He knew her pain that he could trace
He smiled gracefully ever knowing
And he knew that her soul was going
“My sweetest child I know what you seek
She smiled at him ever so meek
“What ever you want I shall give it no thought”
And with this he laughed with a snort
“I want the heart of the one you hold dear”
She smiled and walked away to home, so near
Her beloved lay with his head fast asleep
And a long knife she drove down using his ribs as a sheath
Returning to the spectre she spake
“Heres the object, now seal my fate”
“Do on more task, it will be your last
Take now the hearts of your kin, fast”
Once again she returned
To the place of the object that it yearned
She smiled warmly at her mother
Sister, father, uncle, brother
One by one the knife went home
One by one they
:iconthalion89:Thalion89 0 0




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Well here I am 1:30am high on V with a big chemistry test tomorrow. I was bored so I started this account. It's so stinking hot in here I am sweating like a w***e in church. I can put what ever I want on it because nobody is going to read my rubbish :D YAY Freedom of speech without criticism. Because my stuff is booring. No nude fangirl/boy anime pictures on my thingy.
Only writing and stuff. Pretty boring eh ;)

Oh wow I think I should go to bed now before I pass out.
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